Tarzan made a confession: “There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the naked female body.”

Tarzan said that he sold his painting for one million rubles

Tarzan said that he sold his painting for one million rubles

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Tarzan opened an exhibition of his paintings in Moscow. As you know, several years ago Sergei Glushko decided to try himself in a new role and became an artist. At first, Glushko painted exclusively his wife, the famous singer Natasha Koroleva. But after a trip to Africa, Sergei shifted his emphasis to the local flavor. As a result, he named his personal exhibition “Africa. Rebirth of Innocence.”

“Africa completely changed my consciousness,” says Sergei Glushko. – When I first found myself on the shores of the Indian Ocean, I was amazed by the riot of colors and how the locals lived. Sunset, a fire is burning, there are shamans around… Children are running around. And I was blown away by everything I saw around me.

Tarzan paintings are mostly done in oils. But there are works where Tarzan used coal instead of paints. Sergei’s paintings feature African nature, as well as local children and women. Many canvases feature naked female bodies.

“There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a naked female body,” said Sergei. – You can, of course, trivialize this topic, but that’s how it is. All artists paint the female nude. I’m not being original here. Because it’s beautiful.

By the way, Natasha Koroleva in the paintings of Tarzan, although almost naked, looks quite chaste. Sergei assures that for now he does not plan to completely undress the “mermaid”. By the way, the Queen did not appear at the opening of her husband’s exhibition. The singer was on tour that day.

At the exhibition, Sergei admitted that he does not aim to make money from his hobby. Although he did sell several of his paintings.

“They once paid more than a million rubles,” said Sergei. And then he continued: “I earn normally, it’s enough for me. I do not set out to put my paintings up for sale. They make me happy at home every day. I covered the whole house with them. All three floors. I took them off before the exhibition. But Natasha was not there. She arrives, looks around and says: “Are we being kicked out? What’s happening?”. The paintings create such an amazing atmosphere in the house. I talk to them. I go down in the morning and say hello to them. But I don’t have the task of building a business.

In conclusion, Tarzan spoke about his dream. It turned out that he wanted to visit Africa again.

“I would very much like to return there,” Tarzan smiled. “I have friends there who say: “Come, we are waiting for you.”


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