Elon Musk’s mother admitted that her son had signs of autism

Elon Musk’s mother admitted that her son had signs of autism


09.16.2023 00:33

Experts are studying the unusual behavior of an American billionaire Elon Muskand there were assumptions about the possibility of autism. Mother Mask, May Musk, mentioned signs of autism in her son. Although Musk has not received an official diagnosis, his family has noted his unusual behavior over the years.

“He was never actually diagnosed as a child. But he says he has Asperger’s and I’m sure he’s right.” Walter Isaacsonauthor of the book “Elon Musk”, quoted May Musk as saying.

Elon Musk’s first wife Justin Wilson, also shared her perspective, highlighting the challenges that people with Asperger’s syndrome often face in social interactions. She mentioned Musk’s difficulty understanding the concept of empathy, trying to explain it using logic and rationalism.

Elon Musk himself expressed the belief that he may have bipolar disorder. He was considering consulting a psychiatrist but had not yet made a decision on the matter.

Elon Musk. How does Asperger’s syndrome manifest itself in behavior?

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