The driver was detained in whose car there was a woman hacked to death with a cleaver


09/17/2023 11:25

In Stupino, a driver was detained, in whose car there was a cut-up woman covered in blood and without a finger on her hand.

Before this, the man caused several mass accidents in Moscow.

This was reported by the SHOT Telegram channel.

According to information, on the night of September 17, an unknown person in an SUV with license plates of the Yaroslavl region on the street. Lipetskaya in the area of ​​Biryulyovo Vostochnoe rammed about a dozen cars, after which he hit the gas. Muscovites saw a bloodied woman in the passenger seat. Drivers began to pursue the car, and they called the police. Along the way, the inadequate driver crashed into new cars without stopping.

An hour later they were able to detain the offender only in Stupino. In the video you can see a woman covered in blood, who has difficulty getting out of the salon. Eyewitnesses say she had lacerations on her head, many cuts on her body and was missing a finger on her hand. When she crawled out of the SUV, a cleaver was found on the blood-stained seat.

There was also a small child in the cabin. The girl and woman were taken away by doctors.

Author Dmitry Plotnikov

Dmitry Plotnikov – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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