The Russian government will block services that provide virtual numbers


09.19.2023 16:24

The Government of the Russian Federation believes that virtual DEF numbers pose a threat to security in the field of communications and the Internet.

Therefore, starting from September 1, 2024, measures will be introduced to block services providing such numbers.

The essence of the problem is this: to register in instant messengers and social networks, you must provide a phone number. There is a group of people who buy virtual numbers specifically for registration in these services.

Typically, such virtual DEF numbers are provided for rent, are not associated with a specific subscriber and do not disclose his personal information. The use of DEF numbers can be justified from an anonymity perspective, but can also be used for illegal activities.

The government doesn’t like the idea of ​​certain users being unable to be identified online and believes the only way to solve this problem is to ban the use of such numbers.

Service for receiving SMS with a confirmation code online verification of virtual numbers

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