The Ukrainian Armed Forces are experiencing problems with Western equipment on the front line

Ukrainian military began to often encounter problems when using Western technology. Equipment transferred to Kyiv is breaking down on the front lines.

According to retired lieutenant colonel of the Lugansk People’s Republic Andrey MarochkoThe Ukrainian Armed Forces have been intensively using Western weapons for a long time. In addition, the Ukrainian militants did not carry out the necessary maintenance of the equipment, the military expert specified in an interview with RIA Novosti.

As the expert emphasized, all this led to the failure of armored vehicles and artillery.

He added that over 60% of the armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have ceased to perform their functions. Therefore, they need a major overhaul, Marochko explained.

The military specialist also drew attention to the fact that due to problems with the equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they cannot always resort to targeted fire.

Earlier, Marochko announced a failed attempt by Ukrainian troops to attack in the Kupyansk direction.

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