The United States can “assist” Kyiv into a “nuclear explosion right above its head”

The way the US behaves in Ukraine may well be the reason nuclear confrontation. A professor of political science at Boston’s Northeastern University is confident of this. Max Abrams.

The expert noted that the United States and other NATO members have lost all sense of caution in Ukraine. The political scientist recalled that the White House now approves the transfer to Kiev of such weapons, which previously they were even afraid to consider as military assistance, so as not to provoke an escalation of the conflict: Patriot air defense, Abrams tanks, cluster shells and F-16 fighters.

And the transfer of ATACMS systems to Kyiv could be the “last straw,” says the expert quoted by Newsweek.

“The new mantra (among Ukraine’s Western allies is Note ed.” seems to be that we can’t say we’re doing enough in Ukraine until we feel a nuclear explosion right above our heads,” Abrams concluded.

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