UAE sends 200 tons of humanitarian aid to Libya for flood victims

UAE sends 200 tons of humanitarian aid to Libya for flood victims

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates have sent several shipments of humanitarian aid to flood victims in Libya. According to reports from the Emirates news agency WAM, five military transport aircraft transported to Benin International Airport in Benghazi in total 200 tons of daily necessitiesincluding food, medicine and basic necessities.

In addition, to provide assistance in Benghazi Emirati search and rescue team arrived consisting of 34 people, as well as the necessary equipment and specialized tools.

Prior to this, the Qatari authorities sent to Libya field hospital, medicines and food.

On September 10, Cyclone Daniel struck the northeastern region of Libya, bringing strong winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms along the Mediterranean coast. Flooding in Derna led to the failure of two dams, which was a major factor leading to significant loss of life. According to the Libyan Red Crescent Society, the death toll exceeded 11,000.

Humanitarian aid is coming from different parts of the country for flood victims

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