An 18-year-old boy performed the song “Raspberry Berry”, which disappointed the jury

An 18-year-old boy performed the song “Raspberry Berry”, which disappointed the jury


09.17.2023 11:17

On show “The Voice. No longer children” was performed by an 18-year-old Ranel Bogdanov from Kazan with the desire to cheer up the viewers of Channel One. However, his exit was limited to this purpose, since the jury did not allow him to go further.

The program “The Voice. Not Children Anymore” features children who previously performed in the children’s “Voice” and are now grown up. Ranel tried to win the title of best young singer nine years ago in the second season. Then he impressed the jury with his performance of the song Dima Bilan “I’m a night hooligan” and joined Pelageya’s team. Ranel is currently studying at university.

He returned to Channel One with the song “Malinka Berry,” a hit created by another native of Kazan, Khabib. However, during the performance, none of the judges turned to the young man, which means that he did not qualify. The jury had questions about the choice of song.

“Why did you come a second time and turn your performance into an attraction? You could come again with “Night Hooligan”, this is also quite an attractive performance, like “Raspberry Berry,” commented Bilan.

The participant replied that he came to give the audience joy and enjoy his performance.

Polina Gagarina advised him not to perform “Raspberry Berry” again, and Pelageya noted that in this song “there is no place to show charisma.”

“It was a unique chance, and you came and sang just ditties,” Bilan emphasized.

Ranel shared that he was not upset by the jury’s decision.

Ranel Bogdanov – Raspberry berry | Voice. No longer Children

Author Elvira Makhmutova

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