EADaily: performing at the Olympics without a flag and anthem is a shame

According to the results of a survey conducted by EADaily from September 12 to 15, 2023 among 10,642 participants, the following data was obtained: 69% of respondents believe that Russian athletes should not go to the Olympics without the flag and anthem, as they consider this a shame. 22% of survey participants preferred the answer “let them decide for themselves.” Only 9% of respondents are sure that Russian athletes need to participate in the Olympics in Paris in any case, since “they prepared so much.” Even in France, there is an opinion that President Emmanuel Macron’s position on the inadmissibility of raising the Russian flag at the Olympic Games in Paris is incorrect. The main argument is that the aggressive behavior of Ukraine, not Russia, and its atrocities are widely known. The leader of the political movement “Get Up, France” Nicolas Dupont-Aignan expressed this opinion on the LCI television channel. On September 12, at a plenary meeting of the WEF, commenting on the IOC’s Russophobia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said:

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