Koka revealed the secrets of the show “Heart of Klava”

Russian singer Klava Koka said that there was no acting in the popular reality project “Klava’s Heart”. In the “Will Show” she told how the filming of the TV show on the “Friday!” channel took place.

“We filmed the project for several weeks and months, we didn’t play it at all, everything happened like in real life. I lived with this project for several weeks in a row,” said the artist.

Klava was also able to find love on the project; she is currently building love with a young man she met on the show. At the same time, her family was skeptical about the idea of ​​reality.

Previously singer Klava Koka toldthat her chosen one has already met her loved ones.

Author Alexander Shevtsov

Alexander Shevtsov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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