Milokhin was put on the wanted list at the request of the military registration and enlistment office of Anapa


09.19.2023 19:28

TikToker Danya Milokhina According to the military registration and enlistment office of the city of Anapa, he was put on the wanted list.

However, just a week ago blogger hastily flew from the Russian Federation to Dubai. By the way, he spent only a short time in Moscow, and was forced to flee the country after talk that he would be sent to serve “urgently,” which he never served.

At one time, the TikToker fled the Russian Federation, continuing to throw mud at the country from abroad. Lived in Kazakhstan, the Emirates, and the United States. Lately, he has been wandering around to friends’ houses, because Milokhin didn’t work out with his earnings there. Moreover, he once even burned his passport as a citizen of the Russian Federation on camera.

Author Dmitry Plotnikov

Dmitry Plotnikov – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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